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Floral, Herbal & Complex

Fragrant, Garden Strolls, Herbal.



Shalimar draws inspiration from Gulab Sherbet and layered herbal cocktails like the Negroni. This complex drink boasts floral notes and smells like the most fragrant flower garden you've ever walked through. Sit back and smell the roses.

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The Drink's Story

The drink to sip on as a nightcap or with your favorite spicy cuisine!

Shalimar finds its inspiration in the renowned Gulab (Rose) Sherbet, a beloved beverage cherished across South Asia and the Middle East for its exquisite fragrance and rich flavor.

The Traditional Beverage

Gulab Sherbet is crafted from a blend of water, aromatic roses, and sugar, offering not only a delicious taste but also harnessing the cooling and calming properties for which roses are renowned.

The Contemporary Sipper

Shalimar is a tribute to the classic Gulab Sherbet, enriched with a blend of over ten meticulously selected botanicals. This sophisticated drink offers a multi-layered drinking experience, enticing you with its complexity and leaving you craving for another sip.


Carbonated Water, Juice Concentrates (White Grape, Dark Sweet Cherry, Red Grapefruit), Extracts (Rose, Gentian Root, Wormwood, Angelica Root, Orange Peel, Brewed Hibiscus Tea, Chinotto, Jasmine, Grain of Paradise), Natural Flavors, Acacia Fiber, Fruit & Vegetable Juice (for color), non-GMO Citric Acid

Ingredient Spotlight

With botanicals like rose, hibiscus, and jasmine, this drink demanded a name that echoed the beauty of a lush garden. Hence, the name Shalimar.